Why Data Projects Need Communication and Change Plans

Why Data Projects Need Communication and Change Plans

We have worked across numerous data projects in Beckon. What this means is we have worked closely with project teams and development teams who are transforming an organisation from something as simple as a paper-based process to a digital process. For more advanced organisations, they may have many digital systems already, but they need an upgrade and a streamline of their data systems known as transformation or data uplift. 

Data projects are very complex. They often have limited budgets, fixed timeframes and small teams. They usually operate using an agile or waterfall project management approach and use "sprints." For each sprint there is a change release to the system - which impacts the people who use the system. 

Without a communication and change plan, the people who use the system won't be informed the changes are coming, which in turn could have serious flow on effects to employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. 

A blended change and communication professional will work with business analysts to review the change impacts ahead of time. Confirm the change with the developer team and the users. They will then develop the communication requirements which outline what is changing, how is it changing and who is impacted before the change happens. 

If a data project does not have a communication change specialist, they are really risking the project success. If you would like to chat with us about how we can help you on your upcoming data project, please get in touch.