Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is our specialty. As a boutique consultancy, we closely work with your project stakeholders in Australia to seek agreement and work through stakeholder issues to create successful outcomes. 

Stakeholder Engagement IAP2 Methodology and Best Practices

We can help you when you are preparing and planning your project or managing your project or change. We specialise in using the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) as the model for our stakeholder engagement work. We also use Prosci and globally recognised engagement methods. We can create bespoke engagement models for your project. 

Project Management Methods

Working in, and with project teams using Agile, Waterfall or a blended project management methodology including releases and project iteration is something we are very familiar with across all our projects. We help you and your project managers understand what type of stakeholder engagement is necessary for each stage of release, including planning and preparation for the upcoming release. 

Good quality stakeholder engagement is an essential ingredient to a winning project. We have about 20 years experience in stakeholder engagement including managing stakeholders for over $6 billion in project infrastructure. 

Stakeholder Engagement Helps Navigate Pro Active Risk Management and Challenges in Complex Projects

We are adept at navigating challenging environments and creating solutions with your project team, translating technical language into something your stakeholders can relate to and understand. 

You can bring us on board to create your stakeholder strategy, prepare a stakeholder review at project intervals, help you to identify and segment your stakeholders by directly impacted and risk level, or manage your stakeholders and the rollout of information to your stakeholders. 

We can also set up your stakeholder tool kits such as stakeholder website, key messages and information collateral as well as assist your team to understand how to record stakeholder issues management. 

Stakeholder Engagement 

Our stakeholder services include: 

  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Stakeholder model using IAP2 or blended model 
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis 
  • Stakeholder interviews and baseline/milestone reviews and recommendations
  • Stakeholder Review report and recommendations to your executive team 
  • Creating stakeholder groups/champions
  • Governance
  • Creating stakeholder engagement websites and online management of stakeholders 
  • Stakeholder management tools 
  • Assisting with stakeholder workshops
  • Measurement
  • Risks and Mitigation
  • Training 

Get in touch to discuss your upcoming project and how stakeholder engagement can help you meet your project deliverables and have successful outcomes.