Change Management

We assist you to navigate your people through their change journey on complex projects such as ICT transformations and data uplifts. We specialise in combining communication strategy, stakeholder engagement and change management.

Change management helps drive adoption of the change and increases the likelihood of program and project success. Susie Hambleton is a Prosci licensed practitioner. 

Using the Prosci methodology, we are licensed and can assist you to navigate the 3 phases of change with the ADKAR model: 

Prepare the Approach 

  1. Define success
  2. Define impact
  3. Define approach 

Manage Change

  1. Plan and Act
  2. Track Performance
  3. Adapt Actions

Sustain Outcomes

  1. Review Performance
  2. Activate Sustainment
  3. Transfer Ownership

Change Management 

We provide the following organisational change management services: 

  • Prepare the change approach including defining the Prosci 3 phases: Prepare, Manage and Sustain
  • Defining success
  • Defining the impact
  • Change Readiness 
  • Defining the approach including risks
  • Managing the change
  • Sustaining outcomes
  • Develop the Change Strategy and Change Plan(s)
  • Build Prosci ADKAR Blueprint
  • Change Communication 
  • Use Prosci's online portal to conduct diagnostic assessments of change readiness including making recommendations
  • Manage the change. 

Get in touch to discuss your upcoming project and find out how change management using the Prosci methodology may help.